Yorgos Avgeropoulos’ new documentary film “Up to the Last Drop – The Secret Water War in Europe”, is short in duration (60min.) but huge in significance, as it offers the audience food for thought and dialogue, about one of the most important issues of our times.

Yorgos Roussos, TVXS

Whether you look at the Irish or the Greek politician, the conclusions are the same, different languages, same meaning. It is necessary for everybody to watch this documentary, it concerns a matter that is life itself, no one can claim that he did not know, everything is included.

Yorgos Archontopoulos, O DROMOS TIS ARISTERAS

Genuine descendant of the filmmakers of the ’68 generation, [..] Υorgos Avgeropoulos proves that in the right hands, cinema can be a weapon of mass information and political reflection, against the stupefaction of the Spectacular.


From the original idea to the final result we are now seeing on our screens, the production team spent four years making interviews in six countries and 13 cities, in order to answer to a crucial question of whether water is a commodity for the EU or a human right.

WDR Radio

[The documentary …] Demonstrates the decline of European values before major economic interests. It speaks clearly about the contradictions of European policy, which, while on the one hand sees the failure of the water privatization model, requires the countries under austerity programs to go ahead with it. The Greek government should do its best to prevent water in our country from falling into the hands of financial interests.

Stratos Kersanidis, EPOHI